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     Our primary goal at Aabra Publishing is to present suspenseful stories about ordinary women who find themselves in extraordinary--sometimes seemingly impossible--situations, with no one to rely on but themselves.  These stories take place in many different parts of the world.  Regardless of the setting, however, the stories deal with universal themes that all women--no matter where they live--can understand and empathize with.

     But in addition to entertaining our readers, we also have a much deeper goal.  And that is to bring attention to the pandemic of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of women and girls that now stains every corner of the world, every strata of society, every age group.  It is estimated by the United Nations that one female in three throughout the world has been abused sexually, physically, or emotionally during her lifetime.  That's close to ONE BILLION ABUSED WOMEN, a truly staggering statistic!

     This abuse has many causes.  Poverty and ignorance are only  two.  Another, some would say an even more important and pervasive cause, is extremist religions.  Whether it be an international organization or a local sect, many such religions--either subtly or blatantly--have made the suppression and domination of women and girls one of their primary, if unspoken, tenets.

     To some sectarian groups, it is obvious that their supreme being--whatever his name--cares more about male followers than female followers.  And in the extreme manifestations of these groups, the suppression and domination of women and girls is often painfully and openly illustrated by cruelties such as beatings, rapes, honor killings, female genital cutting/mutilation, and suicide bombings.

     Another goal then of Aabra Publishing is to turn a spotlight on this outrage and to make it more visible.  Our hope is that along with awareness will come change.  It won't be quick, and it won't be easy.  But the respect and dignity of every man, woman, and child should be the goal of each one of us.  We believe it is a goal that is worthy of whatever sacrifice is necessary, whatever effort is required.

Editorial Staff

Aabra Publishing

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