To Sara and Jack, it sounded like a perfect spring break from their post-graduate work: two weeks in the foothills of the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan.  Sara would study and photograph the rare  mountain goat called the Markor, the focus of her zoology dissertation. 

     Fianc√© Jake, a graphic arts major, would photograph K2, the most dangerous mountain in the world.  Their guide promised they would be nowhere near all the fighting and killing that was going on  in Afghanistan.

     Sara and Jake's dream vacation begins to crumble, however, when Sara is nearly arrested as soon as they arrive at the Islamabad airport.  Her crime?  Wearing slacks and a sleeveless top in a Muslim country.

     Hours later, their dream vacation turns into a full-fledged nightmare when their guide disappears and their camp is overrun by robed, hostile, and heavily-armed extremists.

     After murdering Jake, they gang rape Sara and then carry her off to a cold wet cell, in a hidden cave, in a nameless mountain valley.  In less than forty-eight hours, a carefree university student is turned into a brutalized sex slave for the Taliban.