Joanna Yoder grew up on a primitive Amish farm in Ohio.  It was a land of horse-drawn buggies, picturesque cornfields, and hay-filled barns.  A land of submissive wives, obedient children, and bearded dominant males.  But it was also a land that Joanna was determined to flee, no matter what the price.

     Her journey to freedom took her from a one-room Amish schoolhouse to the competitive world of university sports and a degree in marketing.  After accepting a position with a new and expanding high-end sportswear company in Florida, her world took another giant leap forward.

     This new and very exciting world now included Bentley automobiles, luxurious hotels, and a mysterious and sexy med student.  Finally liberated from her smothering past, Joanna welcomed this dream-world-come-true with open arms.

     What she didn't know, however, was that dreams sometimes become nightmares, and nightmares can become reality.

     This particular nightmare--whose name might or might NOT be Carlos--wanted more than a night of passion in a five-star Las Vegas hotel.  What he wanted was much worse than Joanna could ever imagine.